John 3:16 Redux Continued

Because God is the main character and the focus of the story of Bible, every Scripture should be interpreted in light of God’s grace and glory. When that focus changes, the interpretation of Scripture will suffer, leading to a weakened or corrupt interpretation and an incomplete and/or ineffective understanding of what God intended for us to know.

John 3:16 Redux

God never changes. He does not love you more today and less tomorrow. He does not love you more when you are good and less when you are bad or disobedient. He does not love you more when you succeed and less when you fail. His love for you does not change with time or circumstances.

A Really Good Question

I received an interesting inquiry following my last article, “No Simple Salvation.” Not for the first time nor the last, my attempt to explain a truth actually clouded an issue that many people have thought settled for many years. This person commented that they were familiar with the ABCs of salvation, because preachers have used … Continue reading A Really Good Question