A Really Good Question

I received an interesting inquiry following my last article, “No Simple Salvation.” Not for the first time nor the last, my attempt to explain a truth actually clouded an issue that many people have thought settled for many years. This person commented that they were familiar with the ABCs of salvation, because preachers have used … Continue reading A Really Good Question

No Simple Salvation

Have you ever heard anyone say something like this, “Becoming a Christian is easy; being a Christian – living the Christian life – is the tough part”? For anyone practicing the faith that God has instilled in them, the second part of this statement has been proven true on more than one occasion. However, I would like to take issue with the first part of the statement.

House on a Rock

Where there is no obedience to the commands of Christ – no life-application of the truths taught by the word of God – then there never was a salvation experience. This takes us to the very core of why there is a plan of redemption in the first place. God is perfect and complete in every way. He needs nothing from us. In fact, He doesn’t even need us.