Errors in Doctrine 3

Almost a year ago, I wrote a couple of articles about errors in doctrine I had come across that reinforce a truth that I have repeated on several occasions: If we get the doctrine of God wrong, all of our other doctrines will be in error to some degree. Recently, I heard a preacher make … Continue reading Errors in Doctrine 3

Scary Preaching

I know I promised to address the “rest” of Matthew 11:28, and I am working on that article. It’s taking a bit longer than I expected. In the meantime, I thought I would share the following personal story. No matter how sincere we are in our efforts, not every sermon turns out as we might … Continue reading Scary Preaching

The Kingdom of God

In an earlier article, I wrote, “…if we are wrong in our understanding of the theology of God, then all of our other doctrines are equally as wrong. The knowledge of God is fundamental and foundational to all other beliefs.” I believe the same thing is true of our understanding of the kingdom of God and how Jesus fits into God’s plan for that kingdom.