The Lord, Lifter of My Head, Psalm 3

Psalm 3 is a song written by King David, inspired by a devastating time in his family and in the life of the nation of Israel. (Visit this link to hear the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir sing from Psalm 3.) In response to the rebellion of his son Absalom, David, along with his immediate family and … Continue reading The Lord, Lifter of My Head, Psalm 3

Errors in Doctrine 3

Almost a year ago, I wrote a couple of articles about errors in doctrine I had come across that reinforce a truth that I have repeated on several occasions: If we get the doctrine of God wrong, all of our other doctrines will be in error to some degree. Recently, I heard a preacher make … Continue reading Errors in Doctrine 3

It’s not as Dark as it Seems

Just in case you are in one of those stagnant or declining churches or one of those areas of the world where the health of the local church is suffering, it might help to lift your eyes and look beyond your own horizon. In fact, it might help you to get on a plane and go see what is happening in other places around the world. If that is not possible, then the next best thing might be to read about what is happening with the church in the rest of the world.